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How to Push Back When You're Not Sure People Will Listen To You

"Most gamers just want to play and have fun, not get involved in racial slurs that ruin the game."

If you're in a space where you don't know a lot of people offline, like a game, an online forum or some celebrity's profile, it may not seem like anyone will listen to you.

But your voice is just as loud as anyone else’s, and every time you speak out you help to change people's ideas of what’s normal there. That can have a bigger impact on how people act than what they actually believe!

Here are some ways of helping to show that hate and prejudice aren’t normal:

“When someone goes too far and insults people or uses violent language, you report it, and other people can see what happens and report it themselves because they realise that the person went too far.”

Whether you’re speaking out against hate, reporting it, or just showing you don’t agree, we all have the power to take a stand against hate online.